What is the difference between a basic and luxury pedicure?

what is basic luxury pedicure

What is a Basic & Luxury Pedicure? If you are looking to add to your treatment list and serve your clients in more ways, offering pedicures is a great way to do just that. Pedicures are important for a number of reasons, as well as being a popular treatment throughout the year, especially during summer for the holiday season. 

There are two typical types of pedicures – basic and luxury. Let’s have a look at their differences.

A basic pedicure is usually cuticle work, shaping and gel polish. A luxury pedicure takes it further and involves a relaxing soak, scrub, massage and callus removal.

Calluses are thick, hard layers of skin that develop when the skin on our feet tries to protect itself against pressure and friction. They make the heel inflexible and cause cracks to form.  Regular pedicures can remove these calluses as well help to repair any cracks, stimulate blood flow, help clients to destress, and ultimately make them feel good. 
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Which pedicure is best for cracked heels?

Luxury pedicures are great as they help to remove any hard callus which makes the heel inflexible and cracks can form. Keeping on top of regular pedicures will slowly repair the cracks.

Difference between basic and luxury pedicure

Basic is usually just cuticle work and shaping whereas luxury pedicures involve a relaxing soak, scrub and massage too.

How to do a luxury pedicure?

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