Social media content ideas for beauty business owners

How often do you find yourself asking “what should I post on Instagram this week?”. The struggle is real! And coming up with fresh ideas is so hard when you are busy with clients and working in your business. In this blog post I wanted to give you some inspiration for your social media content so you have one less thing to worry about this week and can attract some new clients for your beauty business!

Show off your beauty room/salon 

Give people a tour and show off the little sections so they know what to expect when they visit you. Focus on all the little details and things you provide for your clients and talk about them.

Share transformations 

Show those growth journeys, as well as showing before and afters of beautiful nails you have created. Take the opportunity to show off your skills and show your clients what you are capable of creating! This is also a great way of showing people what they can have when they come to you eg. long natural nails.

Talk about the products/brands you use

Explain to your clients why you use the brands you use. Discuss why you chose them, what the benefits are and the values of the brands as well. This is also a good time to talk about all the treatments you offer so make sure to include a CTA (Call to action) for them to book in. 

Give your clients some inspiration

How often do you see sets that you love while you are scrolling your feed? Share them and tag the creator. Share the upcoming trends you have noticed people asking for or any new nail art techniques you want to try. 

Promote any retail products you offer 

If you retail any products in your salon or beauty room, tell your clients what the benefits are for them and share more information on them. If you don’t yet retail any products – look into it! You can sell cuticle oil, aftercare kits, soak off kits and hand cream. It is a great way to generate more income for your beauty business and give your clients the correct aftercare.

Show your face! 

People love to see the person behind the brand. You can talk about your journey so far, your qualifications, experience and why you do what you do. Let them get to know you better, connect with you and grow that like, know and trust factor. 

Behind the scenes 

Are you doing any new training right now? Show your audience! You can also share what new nail art techniques you are practising, how you prepare your salon/beauty room, and some of the sets you have created that day. People will love to see what you’re up to and have more of an insight!


If you haven’t noticed already, short-form video content is the number one content type being pushed out by Instagram right now. Of course I am talking about Reels! 

If you aren’t creating this type of content for your beauty business yet, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity for your content to reach more people. 

I know video content is a lot more time consuming to make but reels are an amazing way to expand your reach and grow your business page right now.

However, thinking of new content to produce reels for your beauty business can be frustrating, and you might not feel comfortable showing your face which I totally understand!

So here are 7 Reel ideas that don’t include having to show your face! 

  • Before and after transformation 
  • A day in the life 
  • Share a process from start to finish 
  • Salon/beauty room tour
  • Address commonly asked questions
  • Share your previous work and inspire your audience
  • Show your expertise and offer advice for a common problem 

I hope these ideas can help you next time you need some inspiration on what to post! 

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