What are BIAB nails?

Perfect Prep and BIAB Application Online Course

What are Biab nails? If you are new to the beauty industry, you may have seen the term BIAB™ used and wondered what it stands for, let me explain…

BIAB™ was designed by The Gel Bottle Inc, it stands for “Builder in a bottle™” and essentially it is a soak off builder gel. BIAB™ has a number of positive benefits for your and your clients’ nails. It helps to enhance the natural nails’ ability to grow and increase strength, especially in those with particularly brittle nails. Most of the colours have a nail primer and base built into them (Apart from the Clear and White which are slightly different and require a base). This means it can be applied directly onto the natural nail plate and it adds strength and flexibility without too much thickness.

BIAB™ nails can be removed however this gel has been designed to stay on the nail to keep strength. You can offer infills for regular maintenance every 3-4 weeks which can be done using a hand nail file or electric nail file (If you are trained in this). Alternatively, BIAB™ can be soaked off with 100% acetone. The best thing to do is to buff over the product before soaking, then use cotton wool pads with acetone on and tin foil to hold it in place. BIAB™ usually takes a little longer to soak off due to the thickness compared to usual gel polish.

As it is a professional product, you can only buy BIAB™ if you are a fully qualified nail technician

So, are you a fully qualified nail technician looking to advance your skills when it comes to BIAB™? 

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If you are looking to get started in the beauty industry, I also offer an online accredited Gel Polish for Beginners nail course which can be completed from the comfort of your own home and BIAB™ is taught within this course.

Perfect Prep and BIAB Application Online Course

Check out Blossom Academies Perfect Prep & Biab Application Online Course

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