Online Beauty Courses for Beginners

Online Beauty Courses

Are you looking for online beauty courses on beauty or nails? You’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of some of the best online beauty courses available today.

Perfect Prep And BIAB Application – Learn how to use BIAB application and BIAB infills

This Perfect Prep and BIAB Application online course is one of Blossom Academy’s best sellers in online beauty courses! It has been designed for existing nail technicians who want to increase their skills and confidence in providing BIAB manicures to their clients. 

In this online course, you learn how to safely remove non-living tissue from the nail plate, how to apply BIAB to add strength and how to do BIAB infills. All of which will ensure a long-lasting gel manicure, and allow you to provide a regular maintenance service to keep your client’s nails growing.

This online beauty course can be completed from the comfort of your own home, and as there is no time limit to complete it you can work through it at your own place.

Once you’ve completed this BIAB application online course you’ll feel more confident in offering your clients beautiful BIAB manicures! Want to know more? Check out Blossom Academy’s BIAB application online course here.

Lash Lift & Tint for Beginners Online Course

Those in the beauty industry can often be spoilt for choice when it comes to the types of treatments they can offer to their clients. A super popular one is a Lash Lift & Tint treatment!

Whether you are just getting started in the beauty industry or you’re established and growing, adding this treatment to your service list can improve your skills and your bank balance. As well as that, Blossom Academy’s accredited Lash Lift and Tint online course is designed for complete beginners.

As this is an online beauty course with no time limit, students can complete it from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace. They will learn how to perm and lift their client’s natural lashes adding length and volume giving them naturally beautiful lashes in just one hour!

This Lash Lift & Tint online course requires you to submit a case study to be assessed, after which you’ll receive your fully accredited certificate and you can start working on real clients. Find out more here.

Precious Stones Nail Art Masterclass

If you’re a qualified gel nail technician and you’re looking for new ways to expand and grow your beauty business, you might want to consider learning nail art. Being able to offer beautiful, unique sets of nails with different designs will be appealing to your existing clients and will help you attract new clients.

One way you can expand on your nail art skills is by learning how to do precious stone nail art. Blossom Academy’s Precious Stones Nail Art online course is perfect for taking your nail art to the next level.

Not only will this help you attract more clients into your beauty business, but expanding your skill set this way will allow you to charge extra and generate more income. 

This Online Precious Stones Nail Art online course teaches you 5 different types of precious stone art, and includes a comprehensive manual, lifetime access, and in-depth tutorials for each design that you can watch as many times as you like. Students will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course that they can display with pride.

Ready to learn and increase your skills? Invest in your beauty business and train with Blossom Academy today.

Basic & Luxury Pedicure Online Course

Expanding your skill set as a beauty business owner is key to generating those higher-income months, getting better at your skill, and attracting more clients. 

If you are just getting started with your beauty business or you are already up and running, you may consider adding pedicures to your service list. Blossom Academy’s Basic & Luxury Pedicure online course has been designed for complete beginners and established nail technicians who want to be able to give their clients beautiful feet.

Pedicures are popular throughout the year, and even more so in summer for the holiday season. Lots of people want to regularly maintain their feet so summer or not, this is a great service to add to your skill set.

This Basic & Luxury Pedicure online course will see students receive a fully accredited certificate after working through the online course which is split into manageable modules. Students will first learn all the theory, watch step-by-step tutorials, learn how to give their client’s a basic pedicure, or provide the ultimate pamper of a luxury pedicure which includes a soak, scrub, callus removal and massage. 

This online beauty course is the perfect add-on to your beauty business service list! Find out more information and purchase here

Nail Art for Beginners Online Course

As we touched upon earlier, nail art is a great way to offer more to your clients while generating more income for yourself. If you are a qualified gel nail technician, Blossom Academy’s Nail Art for Beginners online course has been designed for you.

It is the perfect online beauty course for getting started with nail art techniques as students will learn 11 different ways to do nail art including fresh French tips, pretty floral designs, and mesmerising marble, this course teaches students all the basic nail art techniques they’ll need to know.

This online nail art course has all the most popular and sought-after designs included which can then be adapted to create even more creative and unique nail art for your clients.

With lifetime access, a fully comprehensive manual, detailed tutorials, and a certificate of completion, this course will take your skills as a nail technician to the next level. Find out more here!

Gel Polish for Beginners Online Course 

The ultimate online course for those wanting to get into the beauty industry. Blossom Academy’s Gel Polish for Beginners online course is the first step to take towards starting your very own beauty business, working your own hours, having flexibility in your life, being creative, and meeting lots of lovely people! Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? But with this online beauty course, it can be your reality.

This Gel Polish for Beginners online course has been created for complete beginners who want to get started in the beauty industry. Students don’t need any previous experience, they can do the course in their own time from home, and once completed, they will obtain an accredited certificate which allows them to get insurance and finally work on real clients.

This online beauty course has step-by-step training videos, assessments and a comprehensive manual you can refer back to at any time. 

You will be taken through all the theory you need to know to do basic manicures, apply gel polish, and even directions on how to set up your beauty business. Moving through the modules to the practical side of things, you will be taught how to prep nails and apply gel polish for long-lasting chip-free manicures, eventually learning how to remove gel polish.

At the end of the videos and assessments, it’s now time to put all you have learned into action. You will carry out 3 case studies to be submitted for assessment by Blossom Academy’s experienced educators before finally receiving your fully accredited certificate.

If you are looking for all the knowledge and skills to officially start offering basic manicures and gel polish in your beauty business, you’re in the right place.

Whatever course you choose from Blossom Academy during your studying and beyond, we are on hand to help and support you with anything you need. Start working on your dream today by taking this Gel Polish for Beginners online course with Blossom Academy.

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