How much does a self-employed nail tech make in the UK?

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A nail technician is a beauty professional who provides various nail services to clients. Many nail technicians will offer different types of nail services such as gel, builder gel (BIAB) or acrylic, as well as more basic manicures and pedicures. If you are wondering how much does a self-employed nail tech make in the UK – then keep reading!

How much do gel manicures cost?

According to WeCasa, the average price for a gel manicure in inner London is £32 and outer London is £27. However, depending on the type of salon (budget or high-end), location and additional work, some gel manicures can be much higher.

How much does a self-employed nail tech make in the UK?

As a self-employed nail technician, you can charge your own rates but it does also mean you are responsible for all costs such as rent, tools, equipment and insurance. 

A self-employed nail technician can earn anything from £100-£500 per day, which equates to a salary (before-tax) of £26,000 to £130,000 per year (Based on working 5 days a week).

For example, if you charge £25 per set and do 4 sets a day, for 5 days a week – you would earn £500 per week and £26,000 per year.

If you charge £50 per set and do 10 sets a day, for 5 days a week – you would earn £2500 per week and £130,000 per year. 

The best thing is – you set your prices and working hours, so you can work as much or as little as you like and be in charge of your own salary. 

How to work out your prices as a self-employed nail tech

Some nail technicians will base their prices on their location and how much other nail technicians charge nearby. However, it is important you work out your prices based on your own outgoings and aspirations. 

Just because Susan down the road charges £15 for a gel manicure, does not mean you need to do the same or compete. 

Tips to use when it comes to setting your prices:

🌸 Don’t compare your prices to others in your area – base them on your own overheads and aspirations. They should be worked out in line with your costs per treatment and how much you want to earn per hour.

🌸 Experience does not = more skills and being able to charge more. Just because you are newer to the industry, does not mean you need to start with rock bottom prices or get a certain amount of years under your belt in order to charge more.

🌸 Use the resources that are available to you to increase your skills and confidence. Sign up for one of Maddi’s free pricing and growth masterclasses! Keep learning and building your skills/knowledge (Add link to courses page).

🌸 Your clients come to you for you and your skills – not low prices. Don’t be afraid to put your prices up, the majority of your clients will accept them, and if they don’t, this frees up your time to take on more of the clients who will value you and your worth.

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