Festival Nail Art Ideas for 2024

As festival season approaches in the UK, it’s time to start planning your standout looks. Whether you’re a nail tech looking to expand your portfolio or just someone who loves expressing creativity through nail art, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top festival nail art ideas for 2024, designed to attract organic traffic and inspire your next nail designs.

1. Vibrant Summer Nail Art

Summer = bright and bold colours, making it the perfect season to experiment with eye-catching nail art. This year, vibrant hues like Fiery Reds, Black Cherry, and Dreamy Greens are dominating the scene. Red nails, in particular, are making a strong statement, providing a vibrant pop that’s perfect for high-energy festivals such as Glastonbury and Creamfields​​. These colours not only complement the sunny weather but also stand out in the lively festival atmosphere.

To achieve these striking designs, it’s essential to use high-quality nail art brushes. Precision is key when working with bold colours, ensuring your nail art looks professional and lasts through the weekend. For those looking to add a touch of glamour, consider incorporating subtle glitter accents or metallic finishes. These elements can elevate your summer nail art, making it both trendy and festival-ready. The Red designs by @_nailsbylilyy_ are the perfect use of this!

2. Boho Chic and Floral Designs

Nothing says festival like a boho-inspired look, so why not take it a step further. Dried flower nail art is perfect for creating a soft, romantic aesthetic that pairs beautifully with boho festival outfits, like crochet and tassels. This trend involves embedding real dried flowers into clear polish, giving your nails a delicate, whimsical vibe​​. Ideal for events like Wilderness Festival, this style can be both intricate and easy to execute with practice.

3. 90’s Nostalgia with Animal Prints

Animal prints have been making a comeback, bringing a touch of 90’s nostalgia to modern nail art. Whether you choose Zebra, Leopard, or Snake prints, these designs add a fun, edgy twist to your festival look. They’re versatile enough to be the star of the show or complement other designs in a mix-and-match manicure. These patterns are perfect for nail techs wanting to showcase their skills and attract clients looking for something bold and trendy. The above animal print design is by @daisy.belles, which incorporates a gorgeous pastel effect.

4. Shiny Metallics and 3D Effects

For those who want to make a bold statement, 3D metallic designs are a must. Chrome nails, combined with 3D elements like bows, pearls, and other embellishments, are back in style. These designs are perfect for festivals, offering a futuristic, eye-catching look​​. Use gel nail art to ensure longevity, keeping your nails flawless throughout the event. Chrome can be used on top of other designs, just like what @bloomroomnails has done below, with their classic take on a French tip.

5. Quick and Easy Nail Art Designs

Not everyone wants, or has the time for intricate designs, but you can still achieve stunning results with easy-to-do nail art. Minimal glitter tips, simple geometric patterns, and bold colour blocks can all be done quickly and still look amazing​​. These designs are great for busy nail techs who need to deliver quality results in less time.

6. Gel Nail Art for Longevity

Festival-goers need nail art that lasts; with the weather here, they could be hit with a lot of rain and a lot of mud….. Gel nail art is durable and less likely to chip, making it ideal for long weekends filled with dancing and activities​. Invest in quality gel polishes in trending colours and finishes to offer your clients long-lasting beauty.

7. Mix-and-Match Manicures

If you can’t decide on just one look, why not combine several? Mix-and-match manicures let you blend different colours, patterns, and textures for a unique, eclectic style. This trend is perfect for festival-goers who love to experiment and stand out​. 

Mixing and matching, and any of the other design ideas mentioned here are a great way for nail technicians to showcase a variety of skills and boost your portfolio to attract clients looking for something truly unique, similar to the mix and match design above by @littlehouseofnails_

Tips for Nail Techs This Summer Season

  • Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest trends and techniques by following top nail artists and attending workshops. Blossom Academy offers comprehensive courses to help you stay ahead in the industry.
  • Use Quality Tools: Invest in good quality nail art brushes and tools for precision and professional results.
  • Engage with Clients: Understand your clients’ preferences and suggest designs that suit their style and the festival they’re attending.
  • Promote Your Work: Share your designs on social media platforms to attract more clients and build your portfolio. Use SEO-friendly hashtags like #FestivalNailArt, #SummerNails, and #BohoNails to increase visibility.

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