Bridal and Wedding Guest Nail Art Trends for 2024

As the 2024 wedding season approaches, the spotlight is not only on the bride and groom but also on the finer details that make a wedding day special, such as nail art. This year, we’re seeing an exciting blend of classic styles and modern innovations that cater to every personality and preference. Here are the must-try trends for brides and wedding guests alike. Check out some of our best Bridal and Wedding Guest Nail Art trends for 2024!

Understated Elegance: Soft Pinks and Nudes, Perfect For Wedding Nail Art

For brides who embody the timeless beauty of simplicity, soft pinks and nude tones are perfect. These colours provide a delicate complement to any wedding gown, radiating a subtle elegance that is both classic and contemporary. Adding minimalistic designs like tiny rhinestones or a shimmery glazed look can elevate these classic shades without overpowering the overall look.

Further enhancing these soft hues, techniques such as a glossy finish or a matte topcoat can add depth and sophistication. A popular trend is the “barely-there” look, which uses a sheer pink or nude polish topped with a glossy finish to mimic the natural colour of the nail while providing a clean, polished appearance. For those seeking a hint of detail, incorporating very fine glitter into a gradient or an ombre effect can add a touch of romance without straying from the understated theme. You could even add a subtle French tip.

These subtle choices are ideal for brides who prefer their beauty look to complement rather than dominate their wedding day ensemble. Such styles also photograph beautifully, ensuring that the bridal nails look flawless in every snapshot, from close-up ring exchanges to bouquet-held portraits. Whether paired with a traditional white dress or a more modern bridal outfit, soft pinks and nudes are versatile options that harmonise beautifully with any wedding aesthetic. The following designs are by @beautologynewcastle, @bymollymai, @_nailsbylily_ and @tiaatthestudiohx1

Bold and Expressive: Deep Reds and Vibrant Nail Art

For wedding guests eager to make a striking fashion statement, bold shades like deep reds and vibrant blues are perfect choices. These colours not only add a splash of celebration to any attire but also allow guests to express their unique personalities and style sensibilities at such festive occasions. Deep reds evoke a sense of passion and sophistication, making them ideal for evening receptions or formal weddings. Meanwhile, vibrant blues can offer a cool and contemporary look that stands out in daytime settings or outdoor venues.

Pairing these bold colours with equally daring designs can further enhance the visual impact. Think about incorporating elements like metallic accents, intricate patterns, or even a contrasting nail tip to add an extra dimension to your look. Some examples of these types of nail designs are below and are designed by @littlehouseofnails_ . These colours are also versatile enough to complement a wide range of outfits, from elegant gowns to more relaxed cocktail attire, ensuring that you remain in the spotlight.

For those who really want to embrace the festive spirit of a wedding, coordinating your nail colour with elements of your outfit or accessories can create a cohesive and thoughtfully styled ensemble. Whether it’s a deep red clutch or a pair of electric blue shoes, your nails can serve as the perfect finishing touch to tie everything together beautifully.

Modern Designs: Negative Space and Geometric Patterns

The trend of negative space and geometric patterns is perfect for those who prefer a modern aesthetic. These designs, which cleverly use the nail’s natural colour integrated with bold patterns, are gaining popularity for their sleek and distinctive appearance.

Textured and 3D Nail Art

Textured designs and 3D nail art (such as below, designed by @timeless_beaut4 are taking the wedding scene by storm. Techniques involving appliqués such as lace or metallic embellishments create a visually captivating look that is both unique and elegant. Maybe, sample part of your dress or the pattern on a veil for some extra charm.

Glitter and Metallics: A Touch of Glamour

No Wedding Guest Nail Art discussion is complete without mentioning glitter and metallics, (as above, designed by @beautologynewcastle) These elements are perfect for adding a glamorous touch to any nail design, whether it’s a sparkling overlay or a full metallic nail, they promise to catch the light beautifully.

Eco-Friendly Options

With a growing emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic nail polishes are more in demand. These products ensure that everyone can enjoy beautiful nail art without the concern of environmental impact or skin sensitivity.

Express Yourself as a Wedding Guest

Wedding guests are embracing the trend of expressive nail art, from playful animal prints to sophisticated lace designs. These creative choices allow guests to display their personal style and often become a memorable aspect of their ensemble.

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