5 ways to get more clients for your beauty business

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Looking for more clients for your beauty business? Perhaps you have only recently started your beauty business and you’re not sure how to get your name out there? Or maybe you are still working another job but would like to take your beauty business full time?

Gaining more clients is one of the most commonly asked questions I get asked as a beauty educator and it’s something a lot of my students and wider audience have said they struggle with.

I ran my beauty business for 6 years before becoming an educator and over that time I built it to being my full time job, seeing around 130-150 clients per month. So now I want to pass on my experience and knowledge so you can do it too! 

The first thing to say about gaining new clients is that it does take time. You have to be patient because it’s not something that just happens overnight. It takes hard work, consistency and never giving up.

Here are 5 things you can do today that will help you to gain more clients for your beauty business over time: 


Optimise your social media –

Add your location to your bio and tag your location in every piece of content you post. You could also try some local hashtags that people in your area could be searching. Examples – #LOCATIONsalon #LOCATIONnails #gelnailsLOCATION. Add keywords to your ‘name’ section on Instagram too – for example “Gel Nails LOCATION”. Try and think about what your target audience will be searching for on Instagram and use hashtags to get your content in front of them. 

Advertise in local Facebook groups 

Make sure the groups allow advertisement then share your work and let people know what you offer. Include a CTA (Call to action) to tell them how to book an appointment with you, or you could tell them when you next have availability. Make sure to do this often but don’t be spammy as people will get fed up. Choose 3 images of your best work to add to the post and introduce your business as though they have never heard of you before. For example “Hey i’m NAME and I offer TREATMENTS in the LOCATION area. I work from my home/I am mobile and have availability on DATE. To book your TREATMENT, please comment below or message my page. I look forward to hearing from you”.

Encourage your clients to share

Ask your existing clients to tag you in photos and videos of their new nails or eyelashes and upload to their feed or story. This is so important because it means your work is being shown to their audience and then they can see how amazing you are! You could even introduce a monthly prize draw for the best tagged photo or story to really encourage this – perhaps offer a free cuticle oil pen or luxury manicure upgrade as the prize rather than a free treatment. You could also be really honest with your clients and say you are taking on new clients, so if they have anyone they know that would be interested to please pass your business card or contact information to. 

Make your social media stand out

Take high quality images and videos of your work and be consistent with your posting. You don’t have to post every day, just set a realistic schedule for yourself and stick to it. Have a clear style on your social media with branded Instagram posts and stories with your unique brand kit – I use Canva to create mine. Try and create different types of content too including videos, stories and reels.

Keep learning and improving your skills

It is always a good idea to keep investing in you and your beauty business. Your existing clients will love to see you are continually improving and refining your skills and investing back into your business. And by keeping up to date and offering the latest nail art or treatment, you will attract more clients and wow your existing ones.

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