3 ways to make more money as a nail technician/beautician

Whether you are new to the beauty industry or you have been going for some time, I am sure you are interested in learning the different ways you can earn more money doing what you love! Being a nail technician or beautician can be really lucrative, as long as you are following these tips:

Charge your worth

The easiest way to increase your income as a nail technician or beautician is to ensure you are charging enough. You need to cover the cost of your products, time, overheads, and your prices need to reflect your experience! Don’t compare your prices to anyone else, have confidence, and remind yourself of the value that you are providing to your clients. If you need some help with your money mindset, I highly recommend this FREE pricing and money masterclass by Maddi Cook from Boss your Salon – it will completely change the way you look at your pricing. 

Invest in yourself & your business 

Ensure you continue to invest in tools, products, and training that will make your life easier, keep you up to date in the industry, save you time, expand your offerings, and increase your skills. This means you can then charge extra and increase your overall pricing. 

Retail products to your clients

Find aftercare kits or products that your clients can buy from you. There are lots of companies out there who offer retail products you can buy for a certain price and sell for more. These could be products such as cuticle oil, aftercare kits, soak off kits and hand cream.

I hope this has inspired you and helped you to see that there are other ways you can increase your income for your beauty business! If you want to upskill I have lots of online courses that can help you do just that – Nail Art, Pedicures, and Lash Lift & Tint courses. Check them out Click here! 

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